What to expect

Our specially attuned and trained horses give the healing treatments. This treatment is tailored to each clients needs either sitting on the horse or standing beside them. The Reiki energy is directed through our horses giving the individual a unique experience. We have found this process can be more profound as most people allow the horses deeper access to areas that need treated.

We offer a 30 minute session with our horse volunteer for any veteran free of charge. If you are not a veteran but still want to take advantage of our services, you can schedule a session for only $50. You do not need to be able to ride to take a treatment.

Reiki Attuned

Because Reiki can help you to reconnect with your heart, and with your Higher Self, it can really help you to clear your energy of different types of negativity. Reiki can help you to reconnect with your true center, something many people know is out of place but need help accomplishing. In our society we don't have a lot of experts with this. We have a lot of doctors that have remedies for physical problems. Mental doctors and counselors to help with mental and emotional balancing. But to address energetic or problems of the spirit. We need to go to those that use energetic or understand spiritual injuries to help facilitate the repair of that level. Reiki being a higher flow of energy can help energetically heal that which is on the energetic level.

Unique Personalities

Dancer is the horse we start with most often. He is a lovable and very tolerant horse for new riders. He also has a sweet disposition. He is a bit lazy which is good to start with when introducing a new rider. His gentle personality helps people that could use a bit of equine therapy. He is also our most advanced Reiki practitioner.

Luna is a fiery redhead who only advance riders are permitted on. Her story inspires many since Luna almost lost her leg and life when she was entangled in a fence when she was only a month old. The rope fence left horribly painful scars and the pain made her very cranky and nasty for most of her life. Learn more about her treatment and amazing recovery.

Jet is our youngest and is used with intermediate riders. He is more energetic. But is a sweet boy that is very kind and understanding.

Storm is a well trained western pleasure horse. He has been to shows and the fair as a 4H horse for years.

Chief is old man of the barn. He is very intelligent and easy to ride even though he is still a stallion.

Pinnacle is a small pinto who loves to receive Reiki treatments.

Sugar is a Shetland Pony with personality to spare. Often known as Sugar Booger, she is the most likely to escape from the barn or pasture to go visiting or just romp around.

Bella is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse. Learn more about Bella and her road to recovery.